Dr. Ruth Shapira

Dr. Ruth Shapira – founder and chief scientist.

Dr. Ruth Shapira is an internationally renowned expert in picture processing and computer vision. Her experience spans research, management of a research department, and consulting and senior staff positions in RAFAEL. Dr. Shapira was a reference consultant for the Israeli Ministry of Science, the Israeli Space Agency, Israeli MOD R&D and US National Science Foundation (NSF). Her last position in RAFAEL was Senior Research Fellow. Within that Dr. Shapira screened and evaluated a broad range of technologies and scientific innovations to create strategic guidelines for RAFAEL in these areas, and developed an automatic processing, information extraction and tracking of objects in hyperspectral images (patented).

Earlier in her career she developed and managed the picture processing and computer vision department, leading to world-scale achievements. Intelligent systems were developed, based on automatic information extraction, object-detection, object-tracking and image-matching. Her personal scientific contributions together with her leadership in creating collaborative research across academic and industrial organizations – created a center of excellence with a critical mass.

Dr. Shapira started her career as a lecturer in the Faculty of Mathematics, Technion. She spent Sabbatical visiting-scientist periods of research in the MIT, Boston, and in UCSD, San Diego. Dr. Shapira earned her BSc in 1962, and MSc in 1964, both in Mathematics from the Technion, and PhD in Computer Science from NYU in 1976. Many of her publications are broadly cited in major scientific journals and in tens of valuable books on computer vision. She was awarded the Kreidler prize for academic research, and multiple awards on her achievements in RAFAEL. She was awarded the Life-Time Achievement Award from RAFAEL in 2003 for her comprehensive contributions and their strategic impact on RAFAEL. She is listed in Who’sWho in Science and Engineering, and Who’sWho in the World.


Here is a partial list of academic publications by Dr. Ruth Shapira:

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  10. US Patent 7425693. Issued Date. September 16, 2008. Link. Inventors: Shapira; Ruth