The Team

Dr. Joseph Shapira – Founder and CEO
Joseph Shapira

An expert in electromagnetics, wireless and mobile communications, and EM remote sensing. Hi-Tech entrepreneur and manager, world renown and connected internationally. Active scientist and science coordinator. Held a visiting Chair Professor at EE department, IIT Madras, India. He is credited with 30 patents and patent-filing on cellular systems technology and optimization, coauthor of a book CDMA radio with repeaters (SPRINGER, 2007), and author of chapters in 4 books and over 80 professional journals and symposia papers.

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Dr. Ruth Shapira – Founder and Chief Scientist

Dr. Ruth Shapira is an internationally renowned expert in picture processing and computer vision. Her experience spans research, management of a research department, and consulting and senior staff positions in RAFAEL. Dr. Shapira was a reference consultant for the Israeli Ministry of Science, the Israeli Space Agency, Israeli MOD R&D and US National Science Foundation (NSF).

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