Wireless and satellite communications

Radio enhancement & Cellular system optimization

  • The book CDMA Radio with Repeaters (Joseph Shapira and Shmuel Miller, SPRINGER 2007 ISBN: 978-0387263298) compiles the knowledge on CDMA radio engineering aggregated by the author over 15 years. It incorporates novel techniques for planning, analyzing, testing and optimizing coverage and load balancing. The book addresses the role of repeaters in the CDMA network, their interaction with the network and the needed integrative design and optimization of the repeater-embedded network.
  • Optimal coverage for a new UMTS network over a semi-rural region was designed, achieving major cost saving and scalability by extensive usage of repeaters.
  • WAO – Wireless Access Optimization: a joint program, partnering with IIT Madras Tenet group and commercial parties, for the development of dynamic optimization of wireless multimedia network.
  • Consulting to Indian CDMA cellular operators during deployment and optimization of the networks.
  • A study on Repeater parameters affecting the optimization of the radio access network in CDMA/UMTS systems – was performed for a major equipment manufacturer.
  • Consulting to optimization vendors and auditing their reports.
  • Evaluation of the effectiveness and marketability superconducting filters in the cellular network.
  • A detailed proposal for a secure multimedia mobile communications system.

Radio relaying, smart and MIMO antenna systems

  • Analysis of diversity correlation for MIMO communications into buildings.
  • Study of the effectiveness of transmit diversity in the mobile handset.
  • Evaluation of intellectual property and business for venture capitals.
  • Study of coverage and diversity correlation of a long-haul WLL.

Satellite communication links and systems

  • Analysis of scattered interference from terrestrial sources.
  • Support in a major tender for mobile satellite communications.