Surveillence, Sensing and Monitoring Systems

Target Adaptive Surveillance Systems

  • Analysis and planning of a target classification mode for a radar of a major vendor.
  • Analysis and testing of target-adaptive surveillance systems for border control.
  • Analysis and design of a trial for a target-adaptive sonar system.

Radar Sytstems

  • Studies and proposals for target-adaptive ground penetrating radar, and of acoustic GPR.
  • Proposal for an underground ordnance detection and classification system. Partnering with 3D-Radar.
  • Missile threat radar system for aircraft – threat analysis and system design.

Electronic Asset location and management

  • Partnered with Skandsoft, an innovative middleware vendor, and with MSSI, a leader in super resolution RTLS, in multiple proposals – for asset management in hospitals, in a fub and in a major depot.
  • Proposals for accurate RTLS for law-enforcement.

Computer Vision, Hyperspectral Imaging

  • Consulting to industry and on intellectual property, technology, patents, and testimonials.